Making healthy changes can be certainly overwhelming let alone choosing how you are going to get there. Its difficult to know where to begin on a new regime.

Here are simple steps I’ve learned to get started on your own.

1. Sleep. Easily overlooked, much need. Shoot for 8 hours and more if you can. A quiet, dark, cool room is ideal. I recommend blackout curtains or an eye mask, so light doesn’t disturb your sleep times. Getting proper sleep helps your brain work better, your muscles recover faster, and makes your skin look younger too. Do it!

2. Take a multivitamin. We really want to eat better, but sometimes life gets in the way. Unless you are the perfect human odds are your diet isn’t perfect. Our bodies are so complex and we need more than just modern food can supply. Vitamin/mineral deficiencies can lead to cravings (salty? sweet? hello?). Taking a multivitamin (preferably in liquid form) can help you make the most of your day to day health. And prevent future setbacks.

3. Walk. We don’t do it enough. Walking is most natural thing you can do. Park the car farther away from the store or work. Walk on lunch breaks. Take the dogs out. Its a great way to boost mood and move your body. And its free. :)

4. Do something that makes you happy each day. Whether its eating a piece of chocolate or talking to a friend. Make sure you have room in your day for something joyful. The little things can really add up, so make the most of the moments you get to chose to be happy.

5. Get connected. Or disconnected. We live in time of over-stimulation and connectedness. If your day entails being on e-mail and chat, you probably want to go home and unplug. Just make sure you are taking time to connect with the actual world around you. Talk to the neighbors, have family meals, go out with friends, or take some time with nature.

6. Change out your beauty products. Have you ever read the label on your lotion or shampoo? Do you understand it? No. Because those are chemicals in there. And most of us aren’t chemists. Try alternatives to shampoo or a using natural beauty products to eliminate your exposure to potential toxic ingredients. If you wouldn’t eat it — it shouldn’t go on your skin or hair. Its that simple. Start with changing one product a week. Or make your own!

7. And cleaning products. Same goes for above. Do good for the environment and your own health.

8. Cook more. Cooking at home saves money. People who typically cook their food eat less and healthier meals. Next time you don’t know what to have for dinner, instead of calling take out — try googling a new recipe. Or cook one of mine. :)

9. Talk. Something bothering you? Something on your mind? Need someone to listen? Most people do. One thing I’ve learned is everyone has an idea or a story they need to share. And getting it out there can be relieve stress and make your mind at ease.

10. Drink water. You know its good for you. If you can’t seem to kick the soda try sparkling water with added fresh fruit. I’m a big fan of Perrier. Water keeps everything moving, prevents headaches, and makes your skin glow. Do it!

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